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OHIO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR SECURITY GUARD SERVICES 1970 West Broad Street P.O. Box 182001 Columbus, OH 43218-2001 PHONE (614) 466-4130 FAX (614) 466-0342 www.pisgs.ohio.gov
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A valid driver license or Ohio identification card may be used as identification. The registrant must be within the age limit and be the owner or leaseholder of the vehicle being registered. The registrant must sign the back of the photograph. All registrants must have the required registration and licensing fees paid prior to registration and affix the proper number plate(s) upon the vehicle. If the registrant has failed to pay the registration and license fees, or fails to have the required Ohio and all applicable federal registration documents, the registration is void and unenforceable and the vehicle may be confiscated. A certificate of title will be issued to the registered owner upon submission of the required registration and licensing fees to PHS. For information regarding registering a vehicle, please visit. Registration and Licensing Vehicle owners must obtain a registration and license within 30 days of acquiring the vehicle. Ohio requires vehicles 1,500 lbs. or less to be registered every 8 years. If the vehicle is being taken to a vehicle inspection station in Ohio, the vehicle owner shall be responsible for all inspection and registration fees. Vehicles for sale are exempt from registration and licensing fees due to the fact that they are being delivered to one of a limited number of dealerships. When the motor vehicle is being sold, the purchaser must pay a 10.00 late fee. When the vehicle is being sold by the owner to a dealer, the purchaser will have to pay a 5.00 late fee. Vehicles are also exempt from registration if the owner requests the removal of the registration plates to be re-certified or re-inspected. All vehicles are exempt from a 5.00 annual license fee. Registration is required every year when the vehicle is moved to: A. The owner of the vehicle or the lien holder in possession on the vehicle; B. A new owner of the vehicle; or C. The lien holder in possession on the vehicle, if the lien holder is not the owner. Note to a Vehicle Not Listed Pigs, if not identified by registration or inspection stickers, will be subject to impoundment. If the vehicle is not identified by registration sticker or license plate number (L.T. or O.T.


  • Who is required to file psu0015 form?
    The information provided is not sufficient to determine who is required to file the PS Form 0015. The PS Form 0015 is a customs declaration form used by various postal services around the world. The specific requirements for filing this form can vary depending on the country and the specific circumstances of the shipment. It is best to consult the guidelines and regulations of the postal service or customs authority involved to determine who needs to file the form.
  • How to fill out psu0015 form?
    The PSU0015 form is used for requesting a transcript of academic record from Pennsylvania State University (PSU). Here are the steps to fill out the form: 1. Download the PSU0015 form from the PSU website or obtain a physical copy from the PSU Registrar's office. 2. Fill in your personal information: - Enter your full name in the "Last Name," "First Name," and "Middle Name" fields. - Provide your Penn State ID number in the designated field. - Write your current address, including street, city, state, and ZIP code. - Enter your phone number and email address. 3. Choose the type of transcript you need: - Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you need an official or unofficial transcript. - If you require multiple copies, indicate the number of additional transcripts needed. 4. Specify where the transcript should be sent: - If you want the transcript to be mailed to an address, provide the recipient's name, organization, complete mailing address, city, state, and ZIP code. - If you want the transcript to be sent electronically to an educational institution or organization, provide the recipient's email address. 5. Indicate your payment method: - Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you will pay by check or money order, or if you will make an online payment through LionPATH. 6. Sign and date the form: - Read the certification statement at the bottom of the form. - Sign your name and provide the date of your signature. 7. Submit the form: - Mail the completed PSU0015 form, along with any required payment, to the address provided on the form. - If you are making an online payment, follow the instructions provided on the PSU website. Make sure to review the PSU0015 form instructions and any additional guidelines provided by PSU to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • What is the purpose of psu0015 form?
    The PSU0015 form is a document used by the government of the United States to request information on a financial institution's compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. The purpose of this form is to collect detailed information about the institution's policies, procedures, and processes related to detecting and preventing money laundering activities. It helps the government in monitoring and regulating financial institutions to ensure they are following the necessary protocols to combat illegal financial activities.
  • What information must be reported on psu0015 form?
    The PSU0015 form, also known as the Registration of Change of Particulars (Corporate Entities), is a document that needs to be completed by a corporate entity registered in Singapore to report certain changes in their particulars to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The specific information that must be reported on the PSU0015 form includes: 1. Registered Company Name: The current legal name of the company. 2. Unique Entity Number (UEN): The identification number assigned to the company by ACRA. 3. Former Company Name (if applicable): The name of the company before any changes were made. 4. Date of Change: The date when the change of particulars occurred. 5. Residential Address (of at least one director): The residential address (including postal code) of at least one director of the company. 6. Email Address (of at least one officer): The email address of at least one officer (e.g., director, secretary) of the company. 7. Principal Business Activity: A description of the main business activity/activities undertaken by the company. 8. Date of Final Accounts: The date of the company's financial year-end (e.g., 31 December). 9. Share Capital: The amount of share capital in the company (both paid-up and authorized). 10. Issued and Paid-up Capital: The number of shares issued and paid for in the company (if applicable). 11. Number of Shares and Voting Rights: The total number of shares issued and the corresponding voting rights attached to those shares (if applicable). 12. Declared Dividends: Any dividends declared by the company for the financial year (if applicable). 13. Auditor: The name and address of the company's auditor (if applicable). 14. Contact Person: The name, contact number, and email address of the person filling out the PSU0015 form. These are the key pieces of information required to complete the PSU0015 form, but other details may also be necessary depending on the specific changes being reported. It is important to consult the official ACRA guidelines and seek professional advice if necessary to ensure accurate and complete reporting.
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